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We believe for great customer care we need well trained and motivated staff. That’s why at 149 Fish & Chips we invest heavily in our staff, offering them nationally recognised training leading to qualifications which will set them up for a positive future, no matter what path their career takes.

Each of our staff members is offered training which leads to NVQ qualifications we also provide continuous in-house training in customer care. We’re proud of our staff, we believe they give fantastic service which is all part of the 149 Fish & Chips experience.

We’re always eager to praise our staff, if you have experienced great customer service while in one of our shops please send us a message and let us know.


Throughout the world fisheries are using good management practices to safeguard jobs, secure fish stocks for the future and help to protect the marine environment. Only through managing our stocks thoughtfully and carefully can we ensure a continued supply of high quality fish into the future and so 149 Fish & Chips has decided, despite the higher costs to us as a business, that we will only ever serve fish which has been sourced from sustainably managed Icelandic fisheries.