149 Quality Promise

The 149 Quality Promise

2 shops – 1 Promise

Only the best Icelandic COD

Only the best Icelandic HADDOCK

Only the best available BRITISH MARIS PIPER potatoes

This is the promise we make to you, only the freshest ingredients go into make our fish and chips at 149 to ensure every visit is filled with wonderfully fresh and delicious food.

The fish and potatoes are of the highest quality to ensure that every time you visit our shops you experience wonderfully fresh and delicious food.

Only the best available British Maris Piper potatoes and our own perfected cooking technique produces healthier an tastier chips with a fluffy interior and crispy golden outer!

Only the best Icelandic Cod and Haddock. All of our fish is sourced from sustainable, well managed Icelandic fishing ground. Our Haddock and Cod are succulent and pure white, filleted every morning and cooked fresh to order on site for your enjoyment, in a light homemade crispy batter that melts in your mouth.

At  fish and chips at 149 we offer a first class product and a first class service.

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